Both Dr. Allan Oolo first visit includes:

Medical consultation.
Assessment of condition and anatomical mapping.
If necessary, the first course of therapy.
According to the diagnosis,
you are provided with a therapy plan when warranted.

Preparing Your first visit, please bring the following items:

Medical reports, X-rays etc.
If necessary You receive letter of referral from our Doctor.
The closest Center of Radiology is located Pärnu mnt.104, at East Tallinn Central Hospital Magdaleena Unit

How to breath during treatment??
Breath in through Your nose and abdomen
Breath out through Your mouth, keeping teeth together, making an “S” sound as you exhale
Exhale slowly

House Rules of the Clinic

Please notify us of any changes to your scheduled appointment.
Charges will apply to cancellations made with less than 24-hours notice.

What happens at the Chiropractor?

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